Laura Venezia, who was born in Campobasso on 22 Giugno 1978 into a family with a Jewish ancestral background, studied Medicine and  Surgery.

After her PhD, she began to deal with anti-aging and regenerative medicine attending the International School of Aesthetic Medicine at the Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome.

She debuted  with “No name” (Marsilio 1997)  winning the prize in the youth selection “Campiello”, then she became interested in medical photography and started her career as author of narrative medicine, photo reportage and photo essays, articles in which images are the narrative’s core.

“Laura Venezia describes stories of patients and the problem of communication  with a particular sensitivity, which recollect Doctor writers, such as Oliver Sacks or Kalanithi.”
Roberto Zarriello, Huffington Post 11 March 2017

Actually she dedicates to photography, signing up for the “Mostra del Cinema di Venezia”. Her images pictures stars of the moment attending the event.